BulkGetDescendantTaskDetailsTaskHierarchyBulkGetResults1[] BulkGetDescendantTaskDetails(Uri[] parentUris)Get bulk result containing the details for the entire task hierarchy below the provided tasks or projects
BulkGetHistoricalKeyValuesForDateBulkGetTaskHistoricalKeyValuesForDateResult1[] BulkGetHistoricalKeyValuesForDate(Uri[] taskUris, Date1 date)Gets the historical key values for tasks effective on the given date
BulkGetResourceAssignmentsTaskResourceAssignmentDetails1[] BulkGetResourceAssignments(Uri[] taskUris, Date1 asOfDate)Get all the resources who are assigned to the provided tasks
BulkGetTaskDetailsTaskDetails1[] BulkGetTaskDetails(Uri[] taskUris)Get the details for a list of tasks
BulkGetTimeEnteredSummaryTaskTimeEnteredSummary1[] BulkGetTimeEnteredSummary(Uri[] taskUris)Retrieve actual hours for a set of tasks.
BulkPutHistoricalKeyValuesBulkPutTaskHistoricalKeyValueResult1[] BulkPutHistoricalKeyValues(BulkPutTaskHistoricalKeyValueParameter1[] entries)Sets pieces of metadata tasks on the given dates
BulkUpdateResourceAssignmentsvoid BulkUpdateResourceAssignments(Uri taskUri, Uri[] resourceUris, Boolean isAssigned)Add multiple resource to be assigned to the provided task. The resource will immediately be assigned to the task's project's team if they previously were not, even if taskUri is a task draft.
Closevoid Close(Uri taskUri)Close a task/task draft
CreateEditDraftUri CreateEditDraft(Uri taskUri)Create a draft of an existing task.
CreateNewDraftUri CreateNewDraft(Uri parentUri)Create a new task draft as a child of the provided task or project
CreateTaskDeleteBatchUri CreateTaskDeleteBatch(TaskTargetParameter2[] tasks)Create a batch operation for bulk deleting tasks by target
CreateTaskHierarchyOrApplyModificationsTaskHierarchyModificationResult1[] CreateTaskHierarchyOrApplyModifications(ProjectTargetParameter1 project, TaskHierarchyModificationParameter1[] taskHierarchy, Uri taskModificationOptionUri, String unitOfWorkId)Create new tasks or apply modification to existing tasks for a project
CreateTaskOrApplyModificationsTaskReference1 CreateTaskOrApplyModifications(TaskTargetParameter1 target, ProjectTargetParameter1 project, TaskModificationParameter1 modifications, String unitOfWorkId)Create new task or apply modification to an existing task
Deletevoid Delete(Uri taskUri)Delete a task
GetAllHistoricalKeyValuesTaskHistoricalKeyValue1[] GetAllHistoricalKeyValues(Uri taskUri)Gets all historical key values for the task
GetChildrenTaskDetailsTaskDetails1[] GetChildrenTaskDetails(Uri parentUri)Get the details for all the first level children of the provided task or project
GetDescendantTaskDetailsTaskHierarchyDetails1[] GetDescendantTaskDetails(Uri parentUri)Get the details for the entire task hierarchy below the provided task or project
GetHistoricalKeyValuesForDateKeyValue1[] GetHistoricalKeyValuesForDate(Uri taskUri, Date1 date)Gets the historical key values for a task effective on the given date
GetMilestoneTaskDetailsMilestoneTaskDetails1 GetMilestoneTaskDetails(Uri taskUri)Get details of task for billing inlcudes milestone info
GetPageOfAllocatedTimeWithRunningTotalsAllocatedTimeWithRunningTotalDetails1[] GetPageOfAllocatedTimeWithRunningTotals(Int32 page, Int32 pageSize, Uri taskUri)Get allocated time entries for task with total allocated time up to entrydate (RunningDurationTotal).
GetTaskAncestryTaskAncestryReference1 GetTaskAncestry(Uri taskUri)Get the ancestry (i.e. the parent tasks) of the specified task. Will return null if this is a root-level task
GetTaskDeleteBatchResultsTaskDeleteBatchResults1 GetTaskDeleteBatchResults(Uri taskDeleteBatchUri)Retrieve results of a completed TaskDeleteBatch operation. Returns null if the batch has not completed.
GetTaskDetailsTaskDetails1 GetTaskDetails(Uri taskUri)Get the details for a single task
GetTaskNameFormatForNewUsersUri GetTaskNameFormatForNewUsers()Get preference for task name format to be used when creating new users
GetTaskNameFormatForUserUri GetTaskNameFormatForUser(Uri userUri)Get my preference for task name format
GetTaskSummaryCountTaskSummaryCount1 GetTaskSummaryCount(Uri[] projectUris, Boolean isEffectivelyEnabled)Get Task Summary Count for projects with effectively enabled
MoveTaskvoid MoveTask(Uri taskUri, Uri targetUri, Uri moveTaskMethodUri)Move a task from its current location to the target location. The moveTaskMethodUri specifies how it will be related to the target location after the move. Valid values are 'urn:replicon:move-task-method:before-target', 'urn:replicon:move-task-method:after-target' or 'urn:replicon:move-task-method:child-of-target'
Openvoid Open(Uri taskUri)Open a task/task draft
PublishDraftTaskReference1 PublishDraft(Uri draftUri)Publish the task draft into a persisted task
PutHistoricalKeyValuevoid PutHistoricalKeyValue(Uri taskUri, Date1 date, KeyValue1 keyValue)Sets a piece of metadata for the task on the given date
PutKeyValueForTaskvoid PutKeyValueForTask(Uri taskUri, KeyValue1 keyValue)Sets the specified key on the specified task or draft
PutResourceAssignmentsvoid PutResourceAssignments(Uri taskUri, Uri[] resourceUris)Put the specified resource to be assigned to the provided task. Existing resource assignments will be replaced. The resources will immediately be assigned to the task's project's team if they previously were not, even if taskUri is a task draft.
UpdateAllowTimeEntryvoid UpdateAllowTimeEntry(Uri taskUri, Boolean allowTimeEntry)Set the task/task draft to allow or disallow time entry
UpdateClosedOnDatevoid UpdateClosedOnDate(Uri taskUri, Date1 date)Update the closed date of a task/task draft
UpdateCodevoid UpdateCode(Uri taskUri, String code)Update the code of a task/task draft
UpdateCostTypevoid UpdateCostType(Uri taskUri, Uri costTypeUri)Update the cost type
UpdateDescriptionvoid UpdateDescription(Uri taskUri, String description)Update the description of a task/task draft
UpdateEstimatedCostvoid UpdateEstimatedCost(Uri taskUri, MoneyParameter1 estimatedCost)Update the Estimated Cost for the task/task draft}
UpdateEstimatedHoursvoid UpdateEstimatedHours(Uri taskUri, TaskDuration1 estimatedHours)Update the estimated hours of a task/task draft
UpdateNamevoid UpdateName(Uri taskUri, String name)Update the name of a task/task draft
UpdateResourceAssignmentvoid UpdateResourceAssignment(Uri taskUri, Uri resourceUri, Boolean isAssigned)Add a single resource to be assigned to the provided task. The resource will immediately be assigned to the task's project's team if they previously were not, even if taskUri is a task draft.
UpdateTaskNameFormatForNewUsersvoid UpdateTaskNameFormatForNewUsers(Uri taskNameFormatUri)Update preference for task name format to be used when creating new users
UpdateTaskNameFormatForUservoid UpdateTaskNameFormatForUser(Uri userUri, Uri taskNameFormatUri)Update my preference for task name format
UpdateTimeAndExpenseEntryTypevoid UpdateTimeAndExpenseEntryType(Uri taskUri, Uri timeAndExpenseEntryType)Update the time and expense entry type for the task
UpdateTimeEntryDateRangevoid UpdateTimeEntryDateRange(Uri taskUri, DateRangeParameter1 dateRange)Update the time entry start date of a task/task draft
ValidateValidationResultsSummary1 Validate(Uri taskUri)Validate a task
ValidateMoveTaskValidationResultsSummary1 ValidateMoveTask(Uri taskUri, Uri targetTaskUri, Uri moveTaskMethodUri)validate the task movement