CalculateNormalizationFactorsForUserCostNormalizationFactorCalculationResult1 CalculateNormalizationFactorsForUser(Uri userUri, DateRangeParameter1 dataModificationDateRange, DateRangeParameter1 calculatorEffectiveDateRange, CostNormalizationCalculationSettingParameter1[] settings)Calculates the cost normalization factors for the specified user, using the specified date ranges. The 'dataModificationDateRange' tells the calculator that it needs to provide updated normalization factors for all dates that may have been affected by changes to data in that date range. For example, a time entry on Jan 15 may be the only change, but if we calculate normalization factors monthly, we will have to calculate and return the normalization factors for the entire month of January. The 'calculatorEffectiveDateRange' is used to indicate the date range that this calculator is active based on user policy. For example, in the previous example, if this calculator is only active until Jan 20, any results it provides after Jan 20 will be discarded
ValidateSettingsValidationResultsSummary1 ValidateSettings(CostNormalizationCalculationSettingParameter1[] settings)Validates the specified calculation settings