AssignPolicySetToUservoid AssignPolicySetToUser(Uri userUri, Uri policySetUri)Assign a policy set to a user
BulkDeletePolicySetBulkDeleteResults1 BulkDelete(Uri[] policySetUris, Uri policySetBulkDeleteOptionUri)Delete many policy sets
BulkDisablevoid BulkDisable(Uri[] policySetUris)Disable many policy sets
BulkGetAssignedPolicySetsForUsersUserPolicySetAssignmentDetails1[] BulkGetAssignedPolicySetsForUsers(Uri[] userUris)Bulk get all the assigned policy sets on users
BulkGetPolicySetDetailsPolicySetDetails1[] BulkGetPolicySetDetails(Uri[] policySetUris)Get the details for the policy sets.
BulkGetUsersWithAssignedPolicySetsUserPolicySetAssignmentDetails1[] BulkGetUsersWithAssignedPolicySets(Uri[] policySetUris)Bulk get all the users that have policy sets assigned
CreateEditDraftUri CreateEditDraft(Uri policySetUri)Create an edit draft of an existing policy set
CreateNewDraftUri CreateNewDraft()Create a draft for creating a new policy set
Deletevoid Delete(Uri policySetUri)Delete a policy set
Disablevoid Disable(Uri policySetUri)Disable a policy set
Enablevoid Enable(Uri policySetUri)Enable a policy set
GetAllEnabledPolicySetsForPolicyPolicySetReference1[] GetAllEnabledPolicySetsForPolicy(Uri policyUri)Get all the enabled policy sets for a given policy.
GetAllPolicySetsPolicySetReference1[] GetAllPolicySets()Get all the policy sets.
GetAssignedPolicySetsForUserUserPolicySetAssignmentDetails1[] GetAssignedPolicySetsForUser(Uri userUri)Get all the assigned policy sets on a user
GetPolicySetDetailsPolicySetDetails1 GetPolicySetDetails(Uri policySetUri)Get the details for the policy set.
GetUriFromSlugUri GetUriFromSlug(String policySetSlug)Convert a policy set slug into a URI.
PublishDraftPolicySetReference1 PublishDraft(Uri draftUri)Publish the policy set draft into a persisted policy set
PutPolicySetPolicySetReference1 PutPolicySet(PolicySetParameter1 policySet)Put Policy Set details. If PolicySetParameter1.target.name is specified and not found, it will be created
PutPolicySetAssignmentsForUservoid PutPolicySetAssignmentsForUser(Uri userUri, Uri[] policySetUris)Replace all the policy sets assigned to a user
PutPolicyValuesvoid PutPolicyValues(Uri policySetUri, PolicyKeyValue2[] policyValues)Replace the policys on a policy set, removing all others
RemovePolicySetAssignmentFromUservoid RemovePolicySetAssignmentFromUser(Uri userUri, Uri policySetUri)Remove a policy set assignment from a user
UpdateDescriptionvoid UpdateDescription(Uri policySetUri, String description)Modify the description of a policy set.
UpdateNamevoid UpdateName(Uri policySetUri, String name)Modify the name of a policy set.
UpdatePolicyvoid UpdatePolicy(Uri policySetUri, Uri policyUri)Modify the policy of a policy set. Note that once a policy set has been saved you can no longer change its policy.
ValidateValidationResultsSummary1 Validate(Uri policySetUri)Validate a policy set