Activatevoid Activate(Uri scriptUri)Activate a script
BulkDeleteScriptBulkDeleteResults1 BulkDelete(Uri[] scriptUris, Uri scriptBulkDeleteOptionUri)Delete many scripts
BulkGetScriptDescriptionSummaryScriptDescriptionSummary1[] BulkGetScriptDescriptionSummary(Uri[] scriptUris)Retrieve script description summary for many scripts
BulkGetScriptDetailsScriptDetails1[] BulkGetScriptDetails(Uri[] scriptUris)Retrieve script details for many scripts. Null elements will be returned for requested scripts that can not be returned
CreateEditDraftUri CreateEditDraft(Uri scriptUri)Create a draft of an existing script.
CreateFromGlobalScriptReference1 CreateFromGlobal(GlobalScriptTargetParameter1 globalScript, String unitOfWorkId)Copy a script from global script
CreateNewDraftUri CreateNewDraft()Create a draft of a new script.
Deactivatevoid Deactivate(Uri scriptUri)Deactivate a script. Existing bindings will still use the script, but the script will be unavailable for new bindings.
Deletevoid Delete(Uri scriptUri)Delete a script
GetActiveScriptsScriptReference1[] GetActiveScripts()Retrieve a list of all enabled scripts in the system
GetAllScriptsScriptReference1[] GetAllScripts()Retrieve a list of all scripts in the system
GetScriptScriptReference1 GetScript(Uri scriptUri)Get a given script
GetScriptDetailsScriptDetails1 GetScriptDetails(Uri scriptUri)Retrieve script details for a script or script draft.
GetScriptDetailsIfUpdatedScriptConditionalDetails1 GetScriptDetailsIfUpdated(Uri scriptUri, Uri scriptVersionUri)Retrieve script details for a script or draft if it has been changed since the provided parameter ScriptVersion.
GetScriptRevisionsScriptRevision1[] GetScriptRevisions(Uri scriptUri)Retrieve script details with revisions for many scripts. Null elements will be returned for requested scripts that can not be returned
GetScriptsWithKeyValuesScriptReference1[] GetScriptsWithKeyValues(ScriptKeyValue1[] keyValues)Retrieve a list of all scripts which have a specified setting value
GetUriFromDraftUri GetUriFromDraft(Uri draftUri)Convert a script draft URI into the backing script URI.
GetUriFromSlugUri GetUriFromSlug(String scriptSlug)Convert a script slug into a URI.
PublishDraftScriptReference1 PublishDraft(Uri draftUri)Publish a script draft, converting it into a script that is returned.
PutScriptScriptReference1 PutScript(ScriptParameter1 script)Put an entire script object and corresponding properties
PutSettingValueForScriptvoid PutSettingValueForScript(Uri scriptUri, ScriptKeyValue1 keyValue)Sets the specified key on the specified script or draft
UpdateDescriptionvoid UpdateDescription(Uri scriptUri, String description)Modify the description of a script or draft.
UpdateDetailedDescriptionvoid UpdateDetailedDescription(Uri scriptUri, String detailedDescription)Modify the detail description of a script or draft.
UpdateNamevoid UpdateName(Uri scriptUri, String name)Modify the name of a script or draft.
UpdateScriptCodevoid UpdateScriptCode(Uri scriptUri, String scriptCode, Uri scriptCodeLanguageUri)Modify the code of an script or draft.