BulkDeletePayCodeBulkDeleteResults1 BulkDelete(Uri[] payCodeUris, Uri paycodeBulkDeleteOptionUri)Delete many pay codes
ConfigureRegularHoursPayCodevoid ConfigureRegularHoursPayCode(Uri payCodeUri)Modify the pay code that is registered as the Regular Hours paycode in system information.
CreateEditDraftUri CreateEditDraft(Uri payCodeUri)Create a draft of an existing pay code.
CreateNewDraftUri CreateNewDraft()Create a draft of a new pay code.
Deletevoid Delete(Uri payCodeUri)Delete a pay code
GetAllPayCodesPayCodeDetails1[] GetAllPayCodes()Retrieve a list of all pay codes in the system
GetPayCodeDetailsPayCodeDetails1 GetPayCodeDetails(Uri payCodeUri)Retrieve pay code details from a pay code URI.
GetRegularHoursPayCodePayCodeReference1 GetRegularHoursPayCode()Retrieve Uri of the Regular Hours Pay Code
PublishDraftPayCodeDetails1 PublishDraft(Uri draftUri)Publish a pay code draft, converting it into a pay code that is returned.
UpdateCodevoid UpdateCode(Uri payCodeUri, String code)Modify the code of a pay code or pay code draft.
UpdateDescriptionvoid UpdateDescription(Uri payCodeUri, String description)Modify the description of a pay code or pay code draft.
UpdateMultipliervoid UpdateMultiplier(Uri payCodeUri, Decimal multiplier)Modify the multiplier of a pay code or pay code draft.
UpdateNamevoid UpdateName(Uri payCodeUri, String name)Modify the name of a pay code or pay code draft.
UpdatePayCodeTypevoid UpdatePayCodeType(Uri payCodeUri, Uri payCodeTypeUri)Modify the type of a pay code or pay code draft.