GetMyCloudClockCloudClockReference1 GetMyCloudClock()Get the reference of the current CloudClock Device.
GetTimePunchMetadataCacheDataRefreshTimePunchMetadataCache1 GetTimePunchMetadataCacheDataRefresh(Uri[] userUris)Retrieves data necessary to refresh the cache of available activities on a CloudClock. Some users may not be returned if they are not CloudClock users, or they've been disabled or deleted; that indicates that the clock should purge the cache of data for that user.
GetTimePunchMetadataForUserTimePunchMetadataCache1 GetTimePunchMetadataForUser(Uri userUri)Retrieves the activities available for a user to punch in to.
Heartbeatvoid Heartbeat(CloudClockApplicationStatusParameter1 application, DeviceBatteryStatusParameter1 battery, DeviceWifiStatusParameter1 wifi)Updates the current recorded status of a CloudClock device.
UpdateMyName2void UpdateMyName2(String name, Boolean reuseName)Set a friendly clock name. If clock name requested is in use and user wants to reuse clock name, then deactivate existing clock and provision clock using requested clock name.