BulkGetBreakTypeDetailsBulkGetBreakTypeDetailsResult1[] BulkGetBreakTypeDetails(Uri[] breakTypeUris)Bulk get break type details from their URI. If a URI is not found, a message indicating such will be shown for that break.
BulkGetBreakTypesBreakTypeReference1[] BulkGetBreakTypes(Uri[] breakTypeUris)Bulk get break types from their URI. If a URI is not found, it will be omitted from the results.
CreateEditDraftUri CreateEditDraft(Uri breakTypeUri)Create a draft of an existing break type
CreateNewDraftUri CreateNewDraft()Create a draft of a new break type
Deletevoid Delete(Uri breakTypeUri)Delete a break type
Disablevoid Disable(Uri breakTypeUri)Disable a break type
Enablevoid Enable(Uri breakTypeUri)Enable a break type
GetAllBreakTypesBreakTypeReference1[] GetAllBreakTypes()Get all break types
GetBreakTypeDetailsBreakTypeDetails1 GetBreakTypeDetails(Uri breakTypeUri)Get a break type's details
GetEnabledBreakTypesBreakTypeReference1[] GetEnabledBreakTypes()Get enabled break types
PublishDraftBreakTypeReference1 PublishDraft(Uri draftUri)Publish a break type draft
UpdateCodevoid UpdateCode(Uri breakTypeUri, String code)Update the code of the specified break type or skill break type
UpdateDescriptionvoid UpdateDescription(Uri breakTypeUri, String description)Update the description of the specified break type or break type draft
UpdateNamevoid UpdateName(Uri breakTypeUri, String name)Update the name of the specified break type or break type draft